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Love Thy Handbag

Posted on February 22 2022

Love Thy Handbag

How to tap into the NEW IT BAG trend


Never has a new season wardrobe update meant quite so much or been so important. As the UK prepares to return to the office after such a long time working from home, many of us are struggling with how to freshen our collections, but the investment bag is here to save the day. With a quality designer bag you can give your wardrobe a quick lift, whilst making a great investment and being reassured that you are being kind to the environment too.


But making the  right decision is essential and it can be a little daunting sometimes. Luckily the experts at Phoenix Style are here to help. Phoenix Style owner, Paige Mengers says: “The way we shop for handbags now has changed a lot. Previously, we may have had a different fashion bag for every day, but now people are looking more for investment bags that will stand the test of time. Classic and retro styles from the big, trusted brands such as Chanel, YSL, Gucci are very popular right now and because they are great quality and never go out of fashion, they make excellent investments. If you are not sure, just remember, you absolutely can’t go wrong with a classic.”
Paige has a few handy tips for anyone looking to find their ultimate wardrobe update, investment bag:
Quality is king. Styles may come and go, but quality is always in fashion.


Consider retro styles such as the classic Chanel quilted shoulder bag or vintage 90s Prada Bagette. Not only are you doing your bit for the circular economy, but you are also more likely to bag a high-quality classic for a fraction of its original price, without having to go onto any waiting lists!


Versatility is important. Look for styles that perhaps have a removable shoulder strap so that you can convert a functional cross-body bag to a striking clutch for the evening.


Colour is key. We love all colours, bright, bold patterns, pastels and more, but if you want a bag to stand the test of time, neutral is best.


Brand is very important if you want an investment bag that you can sell on at a later stage. Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Luis Vuitton, Mulberry – all the classic brands are best for resale. Our best bag sales are YSL, Chanel, Gucci and Prada.


You have to love it. None of the above counts for anything if you don’t just simply fall in love with that bag!


Once you get your new bag home, take care of it. Like many other trustworthy pre-loved boutiques, Phoenix Style will only accept flawless bags for reselling. Here’s how we suggest keeping your investment bags in top condition:


Always store your bag in its dust bag, in a dry cupboard or room that’s not too hot, not too cold.


Never put anything on top of it and make sure you add padding to the bag so it doesn’t begin to sag, dent or crease. Ideally use specialist bag “pillows” available from Phoenix Style.


Always make sure that the bag is clean and dry both inside and out and make sure you have removed everything from it – check every nook and cranny. There’s nothing worse than discovering a mouldy kids’ snack in the side pocket of your favourite tote, six months later! I would definitely invest in a bag hoover and make sure your bag is clean inside when storing.


Super important if you want to resell – keep ALL the original packaging, carrier bag, tags, warrantee receipt and authenticity certificate. Without the latter, few reputable resellers will be able to list the bag for you.


Make sure to use your handbags. Rotate them every two weeks and enjoy using them. As soon as they do not bring enjoyment to you, RESALE or GIFT them as there is no point in holding onto something that no longer brings pleasure. You will get a better price for a bag that is not as vintage.


Browse the latest collection of bags available from Phoenix Style at or pop into the Wimbledon or Cobham boutiques to see what’s on shelf and get some advice from the experienced team in store. We are always happy to help.