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Why Do You Love Pre-Loved?

Posted on February 22 2022

Why Do You Love Pre-Loved?


Phoenix Style owner and pre-loved obsessive, Paige Mengers, explains...


I’ve been asked this question so many times over the years and I have to admit, my answer is never exactly the same. There are so many reasons why buying, wearing, collecting and selling pre-loved is so fantastic, and so much fun.
Having worked in fashion all my life, I first fell in love with pre-loved the moment I saw the shots of Kate Moss turning up at a New York Fashion Week 2003 dinner, in a pale yellow 1950s Dessès dress. It was iconic! Like so many other fashion lovers, I realised that not only was pre-loved designer fashion uber cool thanks to the Primrose Hill set, but the fact that you could potentially snap up a rare and desirable piece at a fraction of its original price, made it even more attractive. Since then, I’ve discovered so many more benefits to shopping, wearing and selling pre-loved, so if you are still trying to decide whether you should take the plunge into pre-loved, just think about this:


Sustainability: In 2022, this is one of the main reasons so many people are turning to pre-loved and it plays a key role in fashion’s circular economy. We all understand the importance of keeping a garment in the loop for longer but we still want something new every now and again. Pre-loved offers you the opportunity to keep your wardrobe fresh and interesting, whilst being more sustainable.
Investment: As vintage clothing becomes more collectable, rare and popular, the prices rise, so vintage can be a great investment for the future. We’ll cover how to spot an investment in a separate piece, but if but if you play your cards right, there are some pretty impressive returns to be had. You just need to know what you are looking for and importantly, how to look after your collectable pieces.
Individuality: self-expression and individuality are more important than ever. Let’s face it, no one wants to turn up at a party in the same dress as the hostess. Much less of a chance of that happening if you go for a special vintage piece.
Superior Quality: The high street will try to imitate, but you can't beat the original craftsmanship and attention to detail of well-made designer items.  Superior fabrics, trims and accessories, plus often a much better fit too.
It’s fun! For all the great reasons already listed, buying and selling pre-loved is also great fun! The thrill of the chase - hunting down THAT handbag that you’ve been lusting after for ages or stumbling across a rare Hermes scarf while actually looking for a new belt. Most of the pieces you find will be unique and special and it is so it’s all about being at the right place at the right time and snapping up the best pieces as quickly as you can. It’s also about knowing what to sell and when to sell it.


If you’re still not sure about taking the plunge into pre-loved, I suggest starting small and start with something you really, really love. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all have to start somewhere and the team at Phoenix Style will be happy to advise you on your first steps into buying, collecting and reselling pre-loved fashion.


If you are interested in pre-loved fashion as an investment, watch this space. We’ll be running a series of pieces on investing in pre-loved including how to spot future collectables, looking after your designer items (very important!) and selling tips.