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Sell what you have

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There are various ways you can sell with us, its simple, fast and safe!

Without knowing your probably have £1,000 hiding in your wardrobe in unwanted items which is on average what our clients earn by selling items they have fallen out of love with.






If you have fallen out of love with some of your designer pieces why not sell with us and make money from your wardrobe, its simple, fast and safe!


Drop into our store in Cobham and we will curate your designer pieces both within our store and online. Phoenix advertises your listings across the internet and within our local community to help you sell quickly.


80% of all items are sold within 30 days


Once the sale of your item has been confirmed (after the legal right to cancel time limit has expired), you receive your payment via direct bank transfer within 7 working days. We sell your item on our shop floor for 4 weeks and after that it will be reduced by 10% and then a further 10% 2 weeks after that. If your item is not sold within 90 days, you can retrieve it, by simply requesting its return.





Snap some pics and send us an email we are happy to curate your items and give you a price over the phone or by email.


01932 862147 or

If you’re happy with our assessment we will happily send you a shipping kit or arrange to collect (if you are within a 25 mile radius of our Cobham showroom)


Get paid immediately. Once the offer details have been confirmed with yourself and our expert assessment of your items has been validated, you can choose to receive immediate payment by bank transfer.





We also offer a VIP door-to-door service for those who want to sell many luxury high-value items without lifting a finger:


Our fashion expert will visit you at your home to declutter. We take any items you want to sell and agree a price together, its quick and easy without any hassle to you!


This is offered to people with over 10 items who live within a 25 mile radius of our home store in Cobham Surrey.