At phoenix style, we encourage consumers to follow a
‘relove and restore’ buying journey. We take carefully selected pre-loved designer items and sell them onto a wider market to make luxury designer pieces accessible & sustainable.


The phoenix resale programme has been the base of our business for over 40 years and we have built trust with our buyers & consignees that their products are priced fairly, taken care of, and quality assurance is always guaranteed.  We offer sellers a fair commission or credit to replace their pre-loved items with new loves.  Our business model has helped us build a strong community of like-minded shoppers all with sustainable buying at the helm. 

We are on a mission to change the perception & practice of luxury shopping. phoenix sustain offers fashion & lifestyle brands that are both creatively pioneering.  Our brand selection brings together pieces that will last for a lifetime.  The designers from the brands we select are paving the runway with progressive production methods & innovative textiles, giving our customers the confidence to build their forever wardrobe.

Environmentally we believe that together we can make small changes to protect our planet for future generations. respecting our waters and getting rid of toxic chemicals is so important and at phoenix style we fundamentally believe in zero waste and climate change and we are doing all we can to source responsible brands that respect all scenarios from water use, to the use of organic and natural materials.

It would not be impossible to separate conscious design from
conscious production, and that is where our social beliefs come into
consideration.  We believe in fair and transparent working conditions; in
supporting local and artisanal production and in individual empowerment.

We also believe in the circular fashion economy where items are resold, repaired, and repurposed.  By reselling or repairing the items you no longer love not only extends the life of the garment, but it reduces the waste in landfill.  We are constantly looking at designers who use recycled materials and resources as this is one of the biggest opportunities, we have in creating a more sustainable production line.

Our FSC approved packaging is 100% recyclable.  Please ensure you relove or recycle your packaging from phoenix style.